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We don’t function like a traditional publishing house at GMLTJoseph. Rather, we have created this group as a marketing co-op catering to indie authors. All our authors thus far are traditional bestselling or digitally-published professionals,  seeking to explore the frontier of the digital market outside the aegis of their agents and publishers.

Authors retain their royalties and pay their own expenses while sharing a common marketing pool to publicize their offerings, as well as expertise in navigating the process of digital publishing. The over-arching structure of the imprint does not profit from the work of the authors; a one-percent kick-in covers the marketing and technical expenses, while another one percent goes to the charity of the author’s choice. It’s how we give back to our authors, and our authors give back to the world.


Polly Becks – author of the Extraordinary Days series

Polly Becks has been making her living writing for more than twenty years, as well as working as an editor, curriculum developer, and teaching secondary-school Spanish. She has more than 350 books to her credit, mostly educational materials, as well as professionally published fiction in both the adult and YA market in a variety of genres, plus more than 30 Children’s books. She is excited about exploring the digital literature frontier and is honored to be the launch series for GMLTJoseph, LLC. Visit Polly’s website at www.PollyBecks.com



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Jean Harmon – author of the upcoming novel The Sugar Beet Queen,  Summer of 2015