Welcome to GMTLJoseph, proud publishers of
No Ordinary Day,
the first book in The Extraordinary Days series
of romance, suspense, intrigue and humor
by bestselling novelist
Polly Becks.


Binge Reading Romances!

Enjoy five new books between January and September of 2015 as Polly Becks unfolds the incredible story of eight extraordinary women and the nightmarish events that bonded them together for life as we launch The Extraordinary Days series.

About Us

We work closely with our select group of authors, always striving to produce a high level of literary writing for the mostly-digital publishing industry in a variety of genres, especially the women’s fiction market. We publish titles for Kindle and other e-readers, as well as print-on-demand paper books.

Our Charities

For every book GMLTJoseph title you purchase, our authors donate a portion of their royalties to a chosen charity, often (but not necessarily) related to the characters or storyline in each book. Books make the world a better place; it’s amazing how a little bit can make a big impact.